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John Uncle


John Uncle, founder of The London Canine Training Establishment, sadly passed away on 24th November 2022, but his legacy to the world of dog training continues with Sallie Bollans and Olivia Medcalf now at the helm.


John was always keen to learn about new training techniques and developments in the world of dog training, continuing to expand his knowledgeon canine behaviour until his health deteriorated.  His impressive wealth of knowledge and experience, together with his sense of humour and dedication to helping owners to help their canine companions, served to make him one ofthe most sought after and popular dog trainers in the field as detailed here:


John started in the dog world in 1974 when he obtained his first dog, a faithful mongrel by the name of Patch. John and Patch were trained by Roy Hunter at the Wood Green Dog Club, and it was here that John’s passion for dogs and their welfare began.


John trained and instructed with Roy on over sixteen residential courses held at Essex University. John also attended numerous residential courses with Gail Fisher, John Rogerson, Ian Dunbar, Turid Rugaas and the British Instituteof Professional Dog Trainers. He attended many lectures over the years, including those given by Sylvia Bishop, Neil Ewart, the late John Fisher and the great John Holmes.


In 1995 John spent two weeks researching wolf behaviour at Wolf Park, USA. On his return he was one of the first civilians to be invited to give a talk about his trip to the London Metropolitan Police dog handlers and instructors.


The wealth of information and experience John had gained over the years gave him the knowledge, skills and opportunities to lecture in and around the UK, Europe, America, Japan, India and PakistanIn 1993 John helped to set up the “PREVENT-A-BITE” programme, which toured schools in Britain, teaching students and teachers about canine/humaninteraction and showing children how to communicate with dogs in a safe way.


John was one of the first instructors to lecture for the International Earthquake and Mountain Rescue teams in Switzerland. In Holland he introduced the Prevent-a-bite programme and instructed in silent training for agility.


In 2001 John returned from a trip to Japan, where he ran a two-week residential course, which included a lecture to over 200 Japanese dog instructors, vets and dog owners. He also gave talks at the Royal Veterinary College and numerous training clubs and Universities across Britain. His knowledge and insight into dogs attracted much media interest and he had articles published in The Kennel Club Gazette and Dog Training Weekly journals. He also wrote a monthly article for a Japanese Magazine. John believed strongly in a direct and hands-on approach towards dog training. With the help of his excellent instructors, John established three very successful training clubs in North London over the years, including an outdoor agility club.


John believed strongly in utilising the natural instincts of a breed within training, and practiced what he preached by being awarded the Gold Gundog Training Award, having passed the necessary assessment with his Labrador, Menzies in 2017.


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