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Sallie Bollans


Sallie has lived with companion dogs since the age of 10 and can’t imagine life without a four-legged friend! Sallie spent several years studying canine behaviour and training techniques under the expert eye of John Uncle, attending numerous courses and lectures over the years and formally studying canine psychology and behaviour with COMPASS, passing with distinction. The course is recognised by The International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP) of which Sallie is a member.

With a background in Occupational Therapy and having studied with the Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS), Sallie was a pioneer in her field when working within the NHS, by introducing Animal Assisted Therapy as a recognised and extremely effective intervention when working with human stroke survivors. She continued to offer this service to stroke survivors in the community when she launched her own independent service in 2013 – Stroke Rehab Dogs. This project is now being delivered to a broader client group and continues to grow under the leadership of a fellow Occupational Therapist. Sallie now offers a consultation service for clinicians wishing to start up their own independent programmes.

Sallie is passionate about the power of the human-animal bond and how, with the correct approach and understanding of canine and human psychology, behaviour and communication, this can lead to such rewarding relationships. 

A past assessor for the national charity Pets As Therapy, and Applicant Assessor for the charity Canine Partners, Sallie brings a wealth of transferable skills and knowledge to her training classes.

Sallie also believes strongly in understanding the temperament and personality of each individual dog – acknowledging what they find rewarding - whilst utilising and harnessing the natural instincts of a breed within training, and practices what she preaches; a few years ago she was awarded the Gold Gundog Training Award, having passed the necessary assessment with her Collie cross dog, Millie. Using concept training techniques, Sallie uses a multitude of fun and interactive games to engage her canine students, helping them to reach their potential, overcome behavioural issues and lead happy, fulfilled lives.

Sallie runs daytime classes and also offers 1:1 sessions both at her training venue in Southgate or within a home visit situation if this is preferred. 

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